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We believe you don’t need to have a smart home to have an intelligent home. Sense is a simple box installed in an electric panel that provides real-time remote monitoring of home energy use and solar production through an intuitive smartphone app. It can also help homeowners understand their energy use by showing them what devices are on and how much power each one is using.

Key Features

Whole-home energy monitoring from anywhere in the world

Remote access to high-resolution power monitoring on any web browser, iOS or Android device through the free Sense apps. Track watts like you track footsteps.

Track solar production and energy use side-by-side

Monitor which appliances use the most energy and identify patterns over time. Identify ways to maximize your solar investment. View in watts, kWh, or dollars and cents.

Check in on your home

Use Sense to check in on your home while you’re away. Did you remember to shut off the oven? Is the sump pump running during a rain storm? When did the kids get home?

How is Sense Unique?

Sense provide real-time data on what devices are on in the home. Its device detection library is continually growing, as more homes install Sense. Sense regularly updates new and existing monitors with new functionality and features. Customers love Sense, and consistently rate it 4 stars on Amazon, Google Play, and the App store.

App Features

Solar insights

See solar production and energy consumption in a single view, in real-time and historically.

Historical energy usage

Energy usage by day/week/month/year/billing cycle, for the entire home and each device detected.

Home news feed

A customizable real-time news feed showing what time devices turn on and off.

Custom notifications

Customizable device-level notifications can tell you when a garage door opened, when the oven is left on, and other important information about your home.

How Does Sense Work?

Sense samples power 1 million times per second (1 MHz) using two sensors clamped around the service mains, and two on the solar feed in the electric panel. This data is then down-sampled and sent to the cloud via Wi-Fi. Using sophisticated machine learning algorithms, Sense identifies the unique power signature of different devices in the home. The devices are visible in the Sense apps for iOS, android, and web which provides home awareness and energy insights.

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Customer Reviews

  • Energeyes provided my family with professional service and with accurate and timely results through an energy audit of my home. Their analysis identified energy problems with my home that I did not know existed.

    Tommy V., Knightdale, N.C.
  • I want to thank Energeyes for the excellent service they provided my family. Because of their professionalism, I was able to work out of my home office during our home audit without interruption.

    John F., Wake Forest, N.C.
  • The Energeyes team did an excellent job. They were professional, punctual, courteous and hard working. Everything looks great, and we are looking forward to lower utility bills. I would not hesitate to hire them again.

    Angie’s List Customer, N.C.
  • Very responsive. I wanted a couple of specific things done —which they did extremely well. The quality of their work was perfect and a very good value for the extent of work I asked for. I am very happy with the attic and the crawl space. I highly recommend this company.

    Doug W., Raleigh, N.C.
  • Going green is often easier said than done. One simple way is to make sure your home is as energy efficient as possible. That's where Energeyes comes in. The services Energeyes provides are invaluable to a homeowner, especially in this financial downturn.

    Kevin H., Youngsville, N.C.
  • We went from 0% knowledge of Energeyes to 100% fandom from the time we had the quote visit to job completion. These folks are professionals and they are nice. Both count very much! Thanks, Energeyes.

    Jenny D., Wake Forest, NC
  • I must tell you that sealing our crawl space has reduced our electric bill by at least $100 a month – we’re very pleased with those results! 

    Judy M., Louisburg, NC


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