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Properly insulating your house is one of the most important steps to take to have an efficient home. Insulation works like a blanket to keep the warmth inside your home during the winter and the heat outside during the summer. Insulation is measured in R-values, which is simply a measurement of how much resistance it has to heat transfer. The higher the R-value number, the more effective it is in stopping heat.  

What Types of Insulation are Available?

Insulation is available in many forms to keep your home cozy and comfortable all year long.

Blown-In Insulation

Blown-in insulation is available in both cellulose and fiberglass. Loose fill, blown-in insulation is convenient and effective for attic applications. Because it can be applied at any depth, it can be easily customized to a specific insulation level. Blown-in insulation also provides seamless cover over existing insulation products.  

Fiberglass Batt Insulation

Fiberglass batt insulation is used for many different applications and is sized to fit between studs and joists. Fiberglass batts come in a range of R-values for different locations. Fiberglass batt insulation performs at its peak when enclosed on all six sides.  

Radiant Barrier Insulation

Insulation that is combined with a reflective radiant barrier makes a superior shield against hot summer attic temperatures. By reflecting 97% of the radiant heat entering your attic, it can lower your attic temperatures by as much as 30 degrees.

How is Insulation Installed?

To be most effective, insulation needs to be properly specified and installed by an experienced insulation contractor. It’s a very common problem in our area—when installed improperly or in the wrong place, insulation just doesn’t do its job. The insulation team at Energeyes works with existing homes in the North Raliegh, NC area every day, and we understand how and where to install your insulation to provide top performance, comfort and energy savings. Here are three keys for effective insulation installation:

  • Contact — Insulation must be in contact with the interior house walls. Insulation that is is pulling away from the walls or falling down beneath your house is not functioning. Anytime air can move between the insulation and the drywall, it becomes ineffective.

  • Continuous barrier — Insulation must be installed to provide continuous, even coverage without being compressed. When insulation is compressed, the air pockets that create the R-value can’t prevent heat transfer.

  • Air sealing and ventilation —Insulation must be installed with proper air sealing and ventilation. Air sealing prevents air from leaking in and out. It allows insulation to perform to its specified R-value. Attic insulation should have baffles or blocking to provide continuous ventilation. Walls that are adjacent to the attic require an air barrier to prevent the insulation from falling and to keep air from penetrating.

Upgrading your insulation is an easy way to boost energy savings and comfort. Contact us for a free insulation estimate!

Customer Reviews

  • Energeyes provided my family with professional service and with accurate and timely results through an energy audit of my home. Their analysis identified energy problems with my home that I did not know existed.

    Tommy V., Knightdale, N.C.
  • I want to thank Energeyes for the excellent service they provided my family. Because of their professionalism, I was able to work out of my home office during our home audit without interruption.

    John F., Wake Forest, N.C.
  • The Energeyes team did an excellent job. They were professional, punctual, courteous and hard working. Everything looks great, and we are looking forward to lower utility bills. I would not hesitate to hire them again.

    Angie’s List Customer, N.C.
  • Very responsive. I wanted a couple of specific things done —which they did extremely well. The quality of their work was perfect and a very good value for the extent of work I asked for. I am very happy with the attic and the crawl space. I highly recommend this company.

    Doug W., Raleigh, N.C.
  • Going green is often easier said than done. One simple way is to make sure your home is as energy efficient as possible. That's where Energeyes comes in. The services Energeyes provides are invaluable to a homeowner, especially in this financial downturn.

    Kevin H., Youngsville, N.C.
  • We went from 0% knowledge of Energeyes to 100% fandom from the time we had the quote visit to job completion. These folks are professionals and they are nice. Both count very much! Thanks, Energeyes.

    Jenny D., Wake Forest, NC
  • I must tell you that sealing our crawl space has reduced our electric bill by at least $100 a month – we’re very pleased with those results! 

    Judy M., Louisburg, NC


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