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When it comes to moisture control in basements or crawlspaces, humidity is often more damaging than outright standing water. In fact, 70% humidity is all that is needed to begin the process of rot in floor joists or sheathing. When the home moisture control experts from Energeyes review your crawlspace, a dehumidifier may be recommended for long-term control.

Damp Crawlspaces Lead to Costly Damage

A majority of homes in our area have crawlspaces beneath their house structures. When moisture collects in a crawlspace, there are several consequences from excess moisture and high humidity. High humidity can affect your Cary, NC area home’s structural foundations through rot and by creating a beneficial environment for destructive pests. High humidity can soften and damage key structural components that are exposed. Pests need water to survive and a damp environment under your home can be an attractive location for the following pests:

  • termites

  • carpenter ants

  • various destructive beetles

  • grain weevils

  • mice and rats

Moist Basements & Crawlspaces Affect Your Health Too!

Because of a natural stack effect in structures, air from your basement may seep upward into your living areas, much like the smoke rises in a chimney. High humidity environments under your home’s living areas can make your family sick in three different ways:

  • Dust mites thrive in a moist environment but die when humidity drops below 50%. These dust mites can cause allergies, make asthma worse and cause itchy skin reactions.

  • Mold also thrives in a moist environment and can cause general symptoms of illness, including coughs, fatigue and body aches.

  • Formaldehyde is present in many home products. High humidity can increase formaldehyde and other volatile compounds off-gassing in your home.

Dehumidifiers Protect Your Home

In our area, dehumidifiers are a smart solution to protect your home and health. The home performance experts at Energeyes like the features and flexibility of Santa Fe dehumidifiers for continuous operation in your crawlspace. Santa Fe dehumidifiers are ENERGY STAR rated for their top energy efficiency and water removal from the air. According to the manufacturer, larger dehumidifiers tend to be more effective in maintaining a low humidity level.

Dehumidifier Installation for Moisture Control

Once the Energeyes home performance expert has reviewed your crawlspace or basement, a recommendation for a humidifier may form one part of a remediation strategy. The dehumidifier is generally hung from a wall or floor joist with a separate electrical circuit and a hose connected to a drain pipe. Dehumidifiers are often installed along with other remedies, including:

Is your damp crawlspace harming your home and family? Contact us to install an energy efficient dehumidifier.

Customer Reviews

  • Energeyes provided my family with professional service and with accurate and timely results through an energy audit of my home. Their analysis identified energy problems with my home that I did not know existed.

    Tommy V., Knightdale, N.C.
  • I want to thank Energeyes for the excellent service they provided my family. Because of their professionalism, I was able to work out of my home office during our home audit without interruption.

    John F., Wake Forest, N.C.
  • The Energeyes team did an excellent job. They were professional, punctual, courteous and hard working. Everything looks great, and we are looking forward to lower utility bills. I would not hesitate to hire them again.

    Angie’s List Customer, N.C.
  • Very responsive. I wanted a couple of specific things done —which they did extremely well. The quality of their work was perfect and a very good value for the extent of work I asked for. I am very happy with the attic and the crawl space. I highly recommend this company.

    Doug W., Raleigh, N.C.
  • Going green is often easier said than done. One simple way is to make sure your home is as energy efficient as possible. That's where Energeyes comes in. The services Energeyes provides are invaluable to a homeowner, especially in this financial downturn.

    Kevin H., Youngsville, N.C.
  • We went from 0% knowledge of Energeyes to 100% fandom from the time we had the quote visit to job completion. These folks are professionals and they are nice. Both count very much! Thanks, Energeyes.

    Jenny D., Wake Forest, NC
  • I must tell you that sealing our crawl space has reduced our electric bill by at least $100 a month – we’re very pleased with those results! 

    Judy M., Louisburg, NC


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