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Traditional, dirt floor crawlspaces are usually dark, damp and poorly insulated. Recently energy-conscious homeowners and builders have been opting to install sealed crawlspace systems because of their superior energy and moisture control performance. Encapsulating your crawlspace will save 10- 15% on heating and cooling costs, keep your floors more comfortable, and keep your crawlspace clean and dry.

The Problem with Traditional Crawlspaces

Crawlspaces are commonly out of sight and out of mind, but can cause a host of problems in your Wake Forest, NC area home. Traditionally insulated crawlspaces have three common trouble spots that can cause problems in the rest of your home

  • Lost Insulating Power — Over time crawlspace insulation can fall down from the underside of your home’s floor.

  • Increased Ground Moisture — Even if your crawlspace has plastic sheeting covering the floor, ground moisture can enter your crawlspace where there are gaps in the plastic.

  • Ineffective Ventilation — When humid summer air enters your crawlspace vents, it causes condensation on ducts and floor joists. Condensation can lead to mold and rotting floor joists and footings.

Harmful Mold Buildup

Because of these common crawlspace problems, significant mold and rot problems can develop, requiring expensive repairs. Each year, thousands of Research Triangle area homeowners incur significant expenses that could have been avoided with a sealed or encapsulated crawlspace.

What is a Sealed or Encapsulated Crawlspace System?

A sealed crawlspace system resolves the common problems with a vented crawlspace by improving the insulation performance and removing the potential moisture sources through waterproofing.  

Encapsulation Starts with Foundation Vents

When Energeyes seals a crawlspace, we start by blocking off all the exterior vents to prevent humid air from entering the crawlspace. Once the vents are sealed, they change several aspects of crawlspace performance. Encapsulated crawlspaces have no outside, unconditioned air entering the space, so only the foundation walls require insulation to protect against outdoor temperatures. The floor of the crawlspace maintains a mild year-round ground temperature so it requires no insulation. To insulate the foundation walls, we install 1-½ inch rigid foam board insulation for improved performance and durability.

Sealing with Plastic for Moisture Control

To manage the crawlspace moisture level, a thick plastic liner is installed by the Energeyes technician across the entire crawlspace floor. We ensure that all the seams are sealed and place the liner up the foundation walls to provide a continuous moisture barrier.

Maintaining Moisture Balance

To balance the moisture levels perfectly all year long, we install a vent from the heating and cooling system to supply the crawlspace with low humidity air.  For extra moisture control, a dehumidifier can be installed to protect against excess humidity.

Crawlspace encapsulation protects against moisture problems. Contact us to upgrade your damp crawlspace!

Customer Reviews

  • Energeyes provided my family with professional service and with accurate and timely results through an energy audit of my home. Their analysis identified energy problems with my home that I did not know existed.

    Tommy V., Knightdale, N.C.
  • I want to thank Energeyes for the excellent service they provided my family. Because of their professionalism, I was able to work out of my home office during our home audit without interruption.

    John F., Wake Forest, N.C.
  • The Energeyes team did an excellent job. They were professional, punctual, courteous and hard working. Everything looks great, and we are looking forward to lower utility bills. I would not hesitate to hire them again.

    Angie’s List Customer, N.C.
  • Very responsive. I wanted a couple of specific things done —which they did extremely well. The quality of their work was perfect and a very good value for the extent of work I asked for. I am very happy with the attic and the crawl space. I highly recommend this company.

    Doug W., Raleigh, N.C.
  • Going green is often easier said than done. One simple way is to make sure your home is as energy efficient as possible. That's where Energeyes comes in. The services Energeyes provides are invaluable to a homeowner, especially in this financial downturn.

    Kevin H., Youngsville, N.C.
  • We went from 0% knowledge of Energeyes to 100% fandom from the time we had the quote visit to job completion. These folks are professionals and they are nice. Both count very much! Thanks, Energeyes.

    Jenny D., Wake Forest, NC
  • I must tell you that sealing our crawl space has reduced our electric bill by at least $100 a month – we’re very pleased with those results! 

    Judy M., Louisburg, NC


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