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January 31, 2020

Have you ever opened your power bill and felt the frustration of another high fee? High energy bills are 
a symptom that something is wrong. An energy audit is much more than a way to save money. It is
like an annual physical to check your home for ways to improve its efficiency, comfort and health.
An energy audit is a comprehensive inspection using high tech tools to pinpoint specific repairs that
should be made to ensure your home is efficient.

During the visual inspection, the attic and crawlspace will be thoroughly reviewed. We will look for any
visible air leaks and insulation voids. Any moisture related issues that can impact the homes durability,
or cause damage like mold growth, will be noted. Other health related impacts, such as rodent intrusions
or fungal growth, will be documented to improve the home’s air quality.

Energy efficiency is about details. Using a blower door system, we can depressurize your house to
exaggerate existing air leaks. This simulates a brisk wind blowing at the house from all sides, and allows
us to zero in on where drafts are entering the home. Using an infrared imaging camera, we can capture
thermal pictures of these air leaks and any insulation voids in the walls, ceiling and floor. This allows us
to document, in detail, the air leaks and see what quality of insulation is inside the walls. These
advanced tools allow us to diagnose uncomfortable draft, and resolve why some areas of your home
stay hot or cold.

Once the energy audit is complete, you will receive a report with pictures and detailed explanations of
the issues with your home and how to repair them. This report is a road map to making
your home an enjoyable, healthy and more efficient place to live. The importance of an energy audit is
that it gives you the root cause of high energy bills, comfort issues, and helps you avoid misdiagnosing them.