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March 15, 2018

Energeyes, Inc offers three different energy audit packages to our customers.  Each package is specifically designed to equip home owners with proper knowledge of their homes efficiency.  We’ve designed our packages to be affordable and detailed.

Our packages include combinations of the following services: 

Visual Inspection - a thorough walk through of entire home from top to bottom.

Air Blower Door Test – a test that collects data on the air sealing of a home, and helps locate air leaks.  

Infrared Thermal Imaging Report - provides visual information on a home that can’t be discovered without thermal infrared imaging technology. This is important in identifying specific areas where heating and cooling costs may be lost.

Energy Load Mapping – this technology is great for a home that experiences a sudden increase in an electric bill. It maps each electrical circuit to locate major sources of electricity consumption.

Prioritized List of Improvements – This is part of the final report compiled by our Sales Technician.  It provides details of repairs that should be made in order to have the home running at full efficiency.

The packages we offer and what they include are as follows:

Basic Energy Audit ($150+tax) – Visual Inspection, Air Blower Door Test, Prioritized List of Improvements

Intermediate Energy Audit  ($295+tax)– Visual Inspections, Air Blower Door Test, Infrared Thermal Imaging Report, Prioritized List of Improvements

Advanced Energy Audit ($600+tax) - Visual Inspections, Air Blower Door Test, Infrared Thermal Imaging Report, Energy Load Mapping, Prioritized List of Improvements

A home energy audit can give a clear picture of a home’s health. This is great for any home at any age.  An audit can be beneficial for a family planning to live many years in their home by helping to save on energy costs, as well as, keeping their environment healthy.  It can also be beneficial to home owners planning to put a property on the market.  It provides valuable information to potential buyers, and allows them to proceed in confidence and without hesitation.  Whatever the season of life, a home energy audit is a wise investment. 

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