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September 11, 2018
For years we have used the Santa Fe line of dehumidifiers because of their superior performance and durability.  As of July, Santa Fe has rolled out new branding for their dehumidifiers that gives them an up-to-date look.  They are also rolling out some great new features on some of their newest lines of dehumidifiers.  Here are just a few of the reasons we endorse Santa Fe dehumidifiers over the many other brands on the market today.
1) They have a 6 years manufacturers warranty and they stand behind it.  These units are built to last and the warranty is there to prove it.  We have installed many of these units in crawlspaces from Chapel Hill to Wake Forest and have only had two warranty issues.  These have been addressed promptly by the local factory rep we have a close relationship with and the problem has been resolved or a new unit provided extremely quickly.  When you invest in a quality dehumidifier you want to know that it will work, and if for some reason it doesn't the warranty will stand behind it.
2) As a company, our two focuses are moisture control and energy efficiency.  Both of these are achieved with the Santa Fe Dehumidifier line.  They are Energy Star units that use as little electricity as possible to keep your crawlspace dry.  
3) Santa Fe knows their stuff when it comes to keeping your home dry.  They have been in the business for over 40 years and make dehumidifiers for all kinds of different applications.  They know how to get air dry and have adapted their crawlspace dehumidifiers to work ideally well in crawlspaces.  Each component is built to withstand the riggers that your crawlspace will through at it.  Their hanging kits allow the dehumidifier to remain level even when the ground is rough by suspending the dehumidifier from the floor joists.  This also creates the fall needed for a gravity fed drain line. 
If you would like to have us look at your home to see if a quality Santa Fe dehumidifier is the right fit for you contact us today.