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April 17, 2018

You may find yourself wondering, “How Does Energeyes, Inc find such wonderful employees?!”  Thankfully, we have excellent crews that do their best to uphold our company values.  Our core values statement says “We are positive and respectful. We are honest and dedicated. We are hardworking, detailed, and responsible.  We consistently deliver effective, quality results.”  Each of our employees truly keeps this at the forefront of their minds, and approaches every job in order to reflect these values.

Our hiring process is very detailed.  Each crew member meets with our Project Manager (PM) for an initial interview, and then has a follow up meeting with the President of our company.  This ensures that we hire employees who will, not only, uphold our core values, but also fit our company culture.  Most of our employees are individuals who have been referred to us, or have been selected from a list of qualified applicants.

Energeyes, Inc seeks to hire the most capable individuals.  All of our employee’s, regardless of whether they have previous experience in our line of work, undergo at least a month of detailed training. Every task is learned to accuracy, inspected by our PM, and signed off on. We make sure that our crews have the knowledge, and are fully equipped to handle every home performance need offered by our company. 

When Energeyes, Inc is hired for a project, our customers can be assured that they are hiring true professionals.  Our personal goal is to make homes in the Triangle of North Carolina comfortable, healthy and efficient.  With the best team members, we hope that you’ll consider allowing us to maximize your homes enjoyment! 

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