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April 3, 2018

Ener –geeze, Ener-guys, ener-guy-ees? How do I say their name and what does it mean?... Don’t worry, You are not alone. We get this question a lot. So much so, we’ve decided to write a blog post to answer it!

So, first things first, pronunciation.  Our name is pronounced energize.  It’s spelt differently to be a play on words, and it can sometimes make the pronunciation confusing! We chose to spell our name Energeyes, because we perform energy audits (energ – part of the name) and because we use special technology like thermal infrared imaging cameras that give us eyes (eyes – part of the name) to see what otherwise could not be seen. 

The reason we chose the name Energeyes is that it truly embodies what we do.  We specialize in energy efficiency and we look at each home through eyes of experience and expertise.  We diagnose areas that are impacting a home’s comfort and health that could go missed if not for our equipment and technical knowledge.  The combination of equipment and expertise enable us to bring your home up to peak performance. 

We offer many services to help improve your home environment.  Our services include Energy Audits , Insulation, and moisture management. If you are looking to optimize your home, contact us today!