Energy Audit

3 easy steps to enjoying energy savings for years to come:

Step #1 Audit your Home

Energeyes’ home energy audit identifies ways to improve your home’s energy consumption. After your audit is complete you will receive a custom report on your home’s energy usage and a list of improvements categorized by their level of importance. In order to schedule an energy audit you will need to fill out our application form. This information will be critical in assessing your home. To properly prepare for an energy audit, be sure that the accesses to all your attic and crawl spaces are easily accessible and free from obstruction. If you have a fire place or wood burning stove, be sure to put out the fire and remove the ashes at least 24 hrs before your scheduled energy audit.

Step #2 Choose Improvements

Once your audit is complete, you will receive a list of the recommended improvements for your home. Because we at Energeyes want to help meet your specific needs, we will have a specialist contact you to find out what solutions and improvements best fit your goals and budget. When this is done, we will get you a finalized quote and schedule a time to begin work on your home.

Step #3 Improve Your Home

Our team of home improvement experts will effectively execute the improvements chosen, in a timely and cleanly manner. Once the project is complete we will conduct a follow up energy audit to make sure that the improvements specified are doing their job. Because we offer one seamless service—from audit through improvements—we maintain the highest level of quality control to ensure that your job is done right.


Energy Audit:

We offer a variety of different energy audit levels from a basic audit all the way up to HERS and Energy Star ratings. Call us today to find out what audit package best suits your needs.

Energy Improvements:

Pricing for energy improvements are individually based on your home and will vary depending on the extent of improvements needed. The benefit of our improvement services is that they are completely customizable to achieve your exact objectives and budget. We will help you cut your energy cost or go completely off the grid.