Energy Audit What is an Enery Audit

What is an Energy Audit?

Energeyes’ comprehensive energy audit is a complete technical analysis of your home to help increase comfort, safety, and to reduce energy usage. Like a doctor conducting a physical exam, our certified energy auditors conduct rigorous examination and diagnostics to identify specific areas in need of improvements. We address your home as a unique system and look at all the components that are related to its indoor environment in order to make it the happy haven you desire.

Meeting the Customer

Meeting the Customer

Before beginning the audit process, it is important for our technicians to be able to talk to the home owner about the home’s history, layout, and most importantly, about his or her goals for home improvements. This personalized information helps us provide relevant and effective solutions to meet each customer's individual needs.

How it Works

Visual inspection – The first place to start when auditing a home is a visual inspection from the crawlspace to the attic. During this process we identify any health and safety issues as well as cataloging visible air leaks or insulation flaws.

Technical Diagnostics

Technical diagnostics – The next step is conducting a blower door diagnostic test. The blower door is a fan system that depressurizes the house, magnifying the natural air leakage that takes place on a day to day basis. This allows us to see the exact overall air leakage of your home and to pinpoint hidden passages and cracks that cannot otherwise be seen. Using the principles in building science, we can test individual rooms and your ducting systems to find out where you are losing energy and how to fix it.

Bench marking & evaluation – Once we have collected all the information about your home, we then analyze it to determine the most important improvements. Based on our findings, you will receive a thorough report that will give you suggestions and pricing for taking the next steps in making your home a healthier, cheaper, and more comfortable place to live.

Benefits of an Energy Audit

Like we mentioned earlier, an energy audit is much like a doctor’s exam. Just as it is necessary for a doctor to know what his patient's unique problems are before he begins surgery, it is necessary to understand your home’s unique areas of deficiency before beginning energy improvements. Energeyes’ energy audit not only gives you all the technical diagnosis to fix the problems, but we also determine the right steps to take to ensure your family's health and safety. If a home is improperly air sealed, it can become too air tight, not allowing for adequate fresh air, and develop other health related concerns because of improper installations due to a lack of critical information. An energy audit is essential to properly address your home’s energy usage.